Do You Want To Achieve Peak Energy Efficiency?

Energy Studies

Achieving peak energy efficiency in a massively complex system—where the smallest miscalculation can cost thousands of dollars—may seem impossible. In fact, it requires an exceptional combination of skills: in-depth technical excellence, attention to the minutest details, and the willingness to do whatever it takes.  

Time and again, Guth DeConzo engineers have exhibited these skills, whether they’re creating energy master plans from scratch or coordinating BMS controls for new systems. It’s why clients trust us to improve their energy performance—and manage their most sensitive projects.

Guth DeConzo Results 

  • History of exceeding energy savings and energy conservation rebate projections.
  • In past five years, we have completed projects totaling over $11 million in annual energy savings, and have implemented over $120 million in capital upgrades.
  • Completed an energy master plan for Stony Brook University in 2014. In past three years, we have implemented over $50 million in energy conservation measures at Stony Brook University.

Meet Our Leadership Team

John Guth, PE
John Guth, PEPrincipal
Jeremy McDonald, PE
Jeremy McDonald, PEPrincipal