Do You Have A Unique Design Need?


Good design services require a unique blend of expertise in technical fields, people skills, and project management. Time and again, Guth DeConzo’s people have demonstrated this expertise in their careful attention to the design intent phase, load calculations, client requirements, and accuracy of field conditions. The proof is in the results: from $1.2 million in annual energy savings for a college to reliable electric service for a sensitive laboratory that cannot function without it.  

We provide engineering consulting services to clients ranging from public sector institutions and municipalities to developers and private corporations. We have completed over 2,000 projects throughout the U.S. and Caribbean. Our technical expertise includes:  

  • HVAC – Instrumentation and Control Systems 
  • Electrical – Fire Alarm and Detection Systems     
  • Plumbing – Energy Conservation 
  • Fire Protection   
  • Energy Conservation
  • Critical Power Systems
  • Utility Infrastructure

Guth DeConzo Results 

  • Renovated several high-profile labs, reducing energy cost and improving indoor air quality
  • Facilitated the first use of an inverter-based gas engine in NYC and, reportedly, in the U.S.
  • Performed study, design, and construction management of street lighting projects for both municipal and institutional clients

Meet Our Leadership Team

John Guth, PE
John Guth, PEPrincipal
Jeremy McDonald, PE
Jeremy McDonald, PEPrincipal